Sunday, May 5, 2013

Inspiring Journeys – Featured Blog Series

When this journey began, I started looking for stories of other survivors to read. I wanted to know what someone else’s journey looked like in her own words—from her own unique perspective. It led me to several articles and blogs. (At this time, I had not thought about starting a blog or even sharing my journey.  It still felt like such a private experience to me.) I read story after story. Some I couldn’t read because it was just too painful. I was thinking, “Where are the good ones—the ones with the happy endings and the celebration trips at the end?” I wanted to read something that could lift me up. I was seeking stories that would give me inspiration through showing strength and courage. I needed to know how people were sharing this emotional experience that’s so hard to understand and accept. Then I came across one blog which was simply unforgettable. It’s called Cancer In My Thirties 

When I clicked on her 'About Me' section, it read:

“At 33 I was told that the lumps in my breast were probably nothing. So I did nothing, believing I was ‘too young for breast cancer’.

Shortly after my 34th birthday – and now no health insurance – I discovered that Cancer didn’t care how old I was. On my twin kindergartners’ birthdays, the Diagnosis of Her2 positive Stage 3C breast cancer rocked my foundation and changed my world in an instant…”

Okay, I have to be honest and say I was afraid to read anymore because this brought tears to my eyes. I soon learned this woman’s story was just what I needed to read at that time. Her spirit and her attitude still take my breath away. I wanted to hug her through the screen for being so open and honest and most of all—brave. Not only did I read more, I signed up to follow her blog. As a writer I enjoy being moved by words. I love the way she is unafraid to venture out with other topics and just write about what is on her mind and in her heart. The images of her adorable and innocent twin boys stay in the back of my mind still today.

Her post that really made me think was ‘Things I Don’t Think I’ll Get To Do Before I Die’ 
(I know… I had to read the title a couple of times myself.)

Her post was light-hearted, honest, and most of all it reminded me that it’s the little moments and small things in life (often taken for granted) that really matter the most.
This post was a reality check. It made me stop and contemplate, “What would be on my list?”

One thing I vividly remember my grandfather saying was, “Never put off tomorrow what you can do today. Tomorrow is promised to no one.” I miss that wise man. 

It really made me think, “Do your days have to be numbered for you to live like it? and Why not choose to live each day to the fullest?"

So I ask you…What would be on your list?

I want to thank Cancer In My Thirties for allowing me to feature her blog as the first one that truly inspired me! Please check it out.
See her list below:

20 45 Things I’m Afraid I Won’t Get to Do Before I Die:
1.            Watch my kids go off to Fourth Grade
2.            Put my toes in the ocean again
3.            Dance with my sons at their weddings in 15 years or so
4.            Have my overdue eye exam — and get stylish new glasses
5.            Hold a new baby
6.            Be my youngest sister’s matron of honor (she’s 20)
7.            Get a new puppy
8.            Hold my grandchildren
9.            Finish the next season of The Living Dead
10.        See Mumford & Sons in concert
11.        Have the option to opt out of going to my 10-year college reunion (because I don’t feel like going, not because I’m dead)
12.        Visit my family’s homeland (England/Scotland)
13.        Celebrate my sons’ 10th birthdays
14.        Publish my novel
15.        Finish writing said novel
16.        Publish a children’s book
17.        Use my teaching degree
18.        See some of my dearest friends again — jme, Jin, Loren, Sue, Sheri, Gil
19.        Make it to another winter (and I hate winter)
20.        Watch my children graduate from (and start!) high school
21.        See the love of my life again
22.        Experience what it’s like to have hormones again (or go a day without being hot and drenched from night/day sweats one minute and then shivering cold the next)
23.        Shed tears as I pack my kids up for college
24.        Shed tears as I wave my kids off to middle school

25.        See my mother happy
26.        Get divorced
27.        Be with someone who truly cares for me & who will miss me when I’m gone
28.        Listen to a lot more music
29.        Learn to play piano
30.        Live a day where money doesn’t keep me from doing the things I want to do for my kids
31.        Travel more
32.        Start a new job
33.        Hear that there is a cure/vaccine for cancer
34.        Show my kids the world
35.        Fall asleep snuggled next to my kids and my dogs more
36.        Experience a pain-free day
37.        Remember what it’s like to have energy
38.        To stress out about doing next year’s taxes
39.        Turn 40
40.        Turn 50
41.        Turn 60
42.        Turn 70
43.        Grow old
44.        To let go of everything that is holding me back…
45.        To say that I truly lived — and mean it…


  1. This list is so powerful. It left me in tears at work. I pray that she will experience everything on this list, and my heart hurts for her and her boys.

    Tracy, I'm glad you're finding inspiration through it all. I sometimes want to ask more questions, but then I simply don't know how to ask. Your blog is answering those questions my friend. Keep writing! :-)

    1. I always appreciate your support! Thank you!! ;)

  2. Well done, and how amazing it is that you (and so many others) have taken something terrible and put it to good use.

  3. Thank you Dawn! I appreciate you taking time to read my blog. :)