Monday, June 23, 2014

What Inspires You?

I was asked by Ford Motors "What Inspires Me?"  This is the answer I sent them:

I'm inspired by my children.  Their unconditional love and pure spirits are a daily reminder of the miracles we can create...  I'm inspired by nature.  When I see the sun set and the beautiful rays of sun slowly disappear telling us another day will soon come and I ask myself 'What will I do to make the most of it?'...  I'm inspired by people who give without expectation and help others just because they can...  I'm inspired by people unafraid to follow their dreams and people who beat the odds.  It's exciting to see someone achieve something they work so hard towards even when others did not believe in them... I'm inspired by love.  It only exists by faith.  It's a misunderstood emotion we have no control over but a true gift from God.

What Inspires you?