Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What does FORD have to do with it?

The journey continues with Ford Motor Company... they have been in the fight for 20 years!

Thank you Ford for choosing me to be one of the 2014 Ford Models of Courage!  I am truly honored to be among a group of amazing people and we are all connected by a common thread... We are survivors who have joined the fight in working towards a world without Breast Cancer.  2014 marks the twentieth year that Ford Motor Company has been in the fight against breast cancer.  They have dedicated over $125,000,000 to the cause.  Please visit the site http://www.warriorsinpink.ford.com/models-of-courage to read more about these inspiring people.  You have an opportunity to join the fight simply by supporting warriors in pink apparel. 100% of the net proceeds supports 4 breast cancer charities.  You choose the charity at checkout.  Please help us bring awareness and support the fight! I am proud to stand with these men and women as a warrior, as a model of courage!

We were all brought together with one life changing experience.  
We laughed.. we cried.. we became friends...




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